It’s all in your vibration. Take care of yours today for a joy filled tomorrow!  I am a healer using many different forms of vibrational healing to release what doesn’t work for your life while opening you to new possibilities NOW.  Don’t let any more time pass, start living the life you are dreaming of today! Read More >

Crystal Bowls

Give yourself the gift of infinite possibilities!
Relax in a meditative state while I play the crystal bowls to create beautiful sounds and the exact vibrations you need to shift and release what is keeping you stuck in limiting beliefs. The bowls will then work their magic to bring in the vibration of you desires and by the end of the session, you will be ready to accept new possibilities in your life! Read More >

Healing Vessels

What do you get when you combine clay and glaze with healing intentions? A beautiful, hand crafted Healing Vessel, filled with the energy to support your desires and wishes. These unique pieces are connected to the Universal Vibration; their presence in your home helps attract new possibilities and opportunities. Read More >

Crystals & Healing Vessels for Purchase



Private Healings

If you are going through an intense experience mentally or emotionally and would like to experience rapid results, schedule a private healing with me by phone, via skype or in person. During this session I will blend a unique combination of energy releasing and boosting techniques along with mindset awareness and coaching strategies to help you align your thoughts and actions to create a new reality. Read More >

Upcoiming Events

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09 Revolution Community Yoga, Acton 6:00pm
10 Yoga Moves, Stoneham 7:00pm
18 3 Bow St, Lexington 7:30pmRegister>



In The Power of Releasing Judgment, #1 bestselling authors show exceptionally powerful, pragmatic tools for changing your life for the better starting right now. Judgment serves to destroy, releasing judgment generates joy, happiness, peace, forgiveness, and freedom to choose…Read More >

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